Take Your Business to the Next Level with High-Performance Digital Advertising That Sends You More Leads & Sales Than You’ve Ever Seen Before.

The LinkerDots Advertising Team Directs Over a Decade Of Successful Digital Advertising Experience Into Your Ad Campaigns

Is your business ready to work with a marketing team that’s as dedicated, driven, and passionate about getting results as you are?

You’re probably looking for experienced professionals to help with your digital marketing campaigns because you’ve either had a bad experience with another agency – or you’re simply not satisfied with your current results.

Having marketing campaigns that consistently work to drive new leads and sales into your business is literally LIFE-CHANGING…

That’s what LinkerDots marketing products could do for you. We’ve already done it many times for businesses just like yours. You don’t have to have a large budget either. Take a recent new client for example:

An ecommerce store that was barely scraping by on a mere $300/mo ad spend budget was generating zero sales (this had been going on for months).

That ecom store invested into LinkerDots advertising products in March of 2021 and transformed that tiny ad spend budget into a 727% ROI in just two weeks.

That ecom store then spent 10x more on ads in April of 2021 and LinkerDots ad products continued to deliver, with 729% ROI in the second month!

As of the time of this writing in mid-May of 2021 - that same store is seeing an incredible 859% ROI month-to-date so far!

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The first month of results were:

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Another example is a medical practice that was having a really bad experience with their agency at the time.
Their advertising objective was to drive qualified phone calls into the clinic, and their agency at the time was only generating a call for every $800 in ad spend.

While we would never put down our colleagues, the fact was that these results simply weren’t good enough for that clinic to keep paying retainer fees and investing into digital ads with such a low return.

That clinic made the decision to switch to a LinkerDots digital marketing product instead and IMMEDIATELY their cost per lead was reduced by 90% within the first month of working together.

Translation: The clinic started to get 10x more leads for the exact same investment into their digital ad campaigns!

This particular clinic continues to use LinkerDots marketing products to this day, keeping that success rate happening consistently each and every month.

In fact, just this last week here in May we accepted a national manufacturer of industrial equipment.

This company had been investing over $5,000/mo into their digital advertising with the objective of generating leads – and had literally ZERO leads to show from those ads over the last several months.

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars into advertising with nothing to show for it?

Once again, LinkerDots marketing products to the rescue…

In the first week, with a mild investment of less than $200 into their digital advertising budget – this manufacturer saw 5 leads come in the first week of implementing LinkerDots advertising…

The list goes on.

LinkerDots is a company that only cares about getting your business results that make you more profitable and allow you to hit your goals.

Do LinkerDots marketing products also work for an international brand like MagMod?


“Our experience with LinkerDots has been fantastic from the first day they took over. We were on-boarded quickly and they were able to clean up the other agency’s non-sense that dragged us down. Their strategic ad spend brought great results with an ROI of over 6:1 and all without any waste of unnecessary capital. If you’re a small business looking for a no-nonsense agency to spend your ad dollars with care and consideration for your bottom line, you won’t find a better partner.”

– JD Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager MagMod.

Do LinkerDots marketing products work for B2B and/or high-ticket products and services?


"In one week of advertising LinkerDots generated 3 legitimate leads for my company, one of which turned into a $25,000 job."

– Ed Domingues, CEO of DBS Building Services

OK I’m interested, so what are LinkerDots marketing products and how do they work?

Our most popular product is PPCDots. This marketing product is 30 days of managed digital ad spend on one of the primary ad networks that bring your business highly qualified leads and or sales. The team works on YOUR ad account, which means you retain control of your advertising assets (we’ll never hold your ad account ransom like other agencies tend to do).

You determine your own budget, and the ad spend comes from whatever payment method you choose. Full transparency into the actual ad costs!

Our team strategizes, researches, builds, manages, and optimizes these digital ad campaigns on your behalf - which allows you to focus on the other key aspects of growing your business to success.

If you don’t have a good landing page to send digital ad traffic to, then the first product you’ll need is PageDots where the LinkerDots team will build you the digital assets needed to generate leads and sales to your business.

Note: We are NOT a web design agency. We are not a design agency at all. Don’t ask us to do your logo design or design big beautiful animated websites. We don’t do that.

PageDots is a product that simply creates a web page that is an instrument for getting results - not winning prizes for beauty.

Another popular product we offer is SEODots. Many local businesses stand to benefit greatly from taking full advantage of all the organic (non-pay-per-click) traffic in the search engines.

SEODots is a product that builds and grows every month to increase the reach of your brand and the appearance of your business across the web.

For those looking to improve their social media content and presence, we offer SocialDots which will post original content to social media profiles three times per week and grow your following consistently.

This builds up your brand’s authority in the marketplace and protects your brand’s intellectual property since nobody would successfully be able to impersonate you if your brand is well established in social media platforms.

We also have a special product where the U.S. Government will actually pay YOUR business up to $5,000 just for working with our team.

That one takes a little explaining, so feel free to bring it up on a call with one of our team members that you’d like to know how to take advantage of this government-funded “stimulus” into your business simply because you chose to improve your company’s advertising with LinkerDots.

Most LinkerDots products last 30 days. It’s similar to month-to-month but really the products are a ‘consumable’ service as a product. At the end of each 30 days you have the option to buy again, only as long as you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting.

This avoids the hassle and stress of contracts and lawyers and negotiation blah blah blah…

If you want the product, you buy it and it gets ‘consumed’ over thirty days. If you like it, you buy it again and so on. If you don’t like it, guess what? No obligation whatsoever to buy again. No stress, no questions asked, and NO HARD FEELINGS.

We’re in the business of passionately working on advertising to get you results. If you’re unhappy for any reason with those results, you don’t have to buy the product again.

Are You Ready To Stop Wasting Time & Money On Agency Retainer Fees, Freelancers, and Consultants That Don’t Bring Results?

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