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    With LinkerDots Search Marketing, your company's brand becomes visible to your target audience at the ideal moment that they're searching for your services. Every day that goes by that your company doesn't appear for important searches, you lose business to competitors that do. It's time for you to claim your top positions in the market, and it starts with a free 15-minute consultation call with one of our search marketing experts. Just request a time using the form on this page.       


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    Either You're At The Top...Or Nowhere 

    It's a winner take all game of 'king of the mountain' when it comes to search marketing. You have got to get near the top of the results for the keywords your target market uses.  

    LinkerDots offers several options for your business to choose from. Each of the search marketing products makes an impressive impact on your company's visibility on the search engines in your local market. Let's get on a call and discuss how you can overtake your competitors with a better strategy and consistent execution. The work performed by our team members  follows a step- by- step process that's proven to get big results for businesses like your.      

    Our Company Is New, But Our Team Has Helped Literally Over A Thousand Local Businesses Like Yours Take Top Positions In Search

    One of our company's key values is transparency. Yes, our company is new. Yes, we do know what we're doing though because we've assembled a team of marketing experts and SEO engineers that have been doing this for over 15 years. Your business will get all the major benefits that search marketing can bring, we know EXACTLY what we're doing.      

    What Do You Do? 

    First you should have a call with one of our markeitng experts so we can review your company's market position and the untapped potential that lies in your local area. Not every business is a good fit and we won't allow company's to buy our search marketing products if they won't work for them. We're looking out for you! 

    What Do We Do? 

    Once our team members discuss your business and market conditions, we'll recommend a strategy and one of our search marketing products that will meet your needs. Then all you have to do is follow through on signing an agreement and payment plan. Once that's done you simpl turn over access to the items we need to get good results such as Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.    

    How Long Does It Take To Get A Good Return?   

    The most accurate answer to that questin is: "It varies..." and that's because Google is their own property, not ours. What we do is position your business's marketing to be better understood by search engines like Google so it knows it should place you near the top of the relevant searches in your area. A lot of good things happen in the first 30 days, and you should expect to commit to multiple months of investing in LinkerDots search marketing products in order to get the best results possible. It becomes a snowball where each month the results tend to get bigger and better. So the longer you invest in your business with these products, the better the returns get with each passing month. Plus, once you're at the top you'll need to keep it up in order to stay on top. Don't let a competitor sneak up from behind!              

    First Month

    Research, data-mining, strategy, on-page SEO of your website, optimization of Google properties, addition of Bing properties, and beginning of search visibility building.

    2nd, 3rd, 4th Months&

    Your company's website is improved, the search visibility grows, and your business begins to acquire significant market share. You get more calls, leads, & sales.   

    5th Month Forward

    Your website should now be ranking near the top for several important keywords that are bringing in new business on a consistent basis. Now you stabilize and expand. 

    Will LinkerDots Change Your Website? 

    There are a lot of items that usually need to be altered on websites in order for them to rank higher. Expect that we'll do that.

    Will You Be Doing Email Marketing?

    No, email marketing is not part of    LinkerDots products. Some products include Social & Display marketing though.


    Will I See Progress? Or Just Take Your Word For It?

    You'll have your own login to be able to see stats real-time. The increase in calls, leads, and sales will also let you know it's working!

    Low SEO Cost For HUGE Returns In Results

    Once again, no surprises. We value transparency so here's our 3 main Search Marketing products with pricing.


    995 /mo
    LinkWhiz™ Program
    1,995 /mo
    4,995 /mo


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