Could you count on your fingers how many times you logged into your social media platforms for the past 24 hours? There are so many social media platforms that we use everyday for different purposes. According to Statista, just last year, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide. 

Including social media in your marketing strategy will help you increase your website traffic, build conversions, raise brand awareness, create a brand identity and improve communication with your audience. Everyday, people are buying even more from social media and or looking for reviews about the things they are planning to buy. This is why it is critical to build your brand’s social media.  These are the social media sites that will bring the most value for your business:

  1. Facebook

 Facebook is the biggest social media available today. With about 1.85 billion people active daily, you can increase your brand awareness, have more traffic to your website, improve lead generation and online conversions. Facebook needs to be your business’s best friend.

  1. Youtube 

Youtube is the second largest social media site in the world. Just like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, Youtube provides visual content that helps people find you and your business. But most importantly, videos have been shown to greatly strenghten customer relationship. Because Youtube is owned by google, you can optimize the search of your company’s channel with the right keywords. 

  1. Instagram 

Instagram is a great platform with a focus on photo and video sharing. Not far behind Facebook, Instagram and Facebook have the same owner and because of that Instagram has access to the same extensive user base and advertising platform as well as the same paid benefits as your Facebook accounts. 

  1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is an amazing social media that has the format of a digital pin board. In this platform, people often go to get inspiration and find new things. Different from other social media, Pinterest has some organic proficiency that you can’t find anywhere else. The organic reach on Pinterest is determined by the amount of keywords found in a post, making it easy for them to be found. 

  1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is more of a business social media when compared to other platforms. This is where you can find professionals networking, creating content and articles about their brand and industry and also find new people. If your business depends on targeting business and job opportunities, LinkedIn is the perfect social platform for you.  These are only five of the most used social media platforms that can help you grow your business. Have you already started planning which one fits your company best? Awesome, schedule a time with us to talk about how we can help you grown within that platform. And if you are still confused about which one would be better for you, contact us and have our technicians walk you through the process